St Kilda Uniting Church Church Members Petra


Petra completed her university studies in Slovakia and wanted to become a teacher. However, after one year teaching at a primary school, she changed her mind. She has worked in various positions related to IT marketing and project management in tourism.


Mary has worshipped at St Kilda Uniting Parish Mission for almost 40 years. Worship is a regular part of her life which she enjoys as a time of reflection, learning, reaffirmation of values and direction and participation in a community of people who are very important to her.

Our People Rev Coralie Ling Featured

Coralie Ling

Coralie is a tall, purple loving older woman who lives in St Kilda next to the botanical gardens. She was the first woman ordained as a minister in the Methodist church in Melbourne 1969. Coralie has been attending St Kilda Uniting Church since she moved to St Kilda in 2004. Learn more about here and others, too!

St Kilda Uniting Church - People - Robert Hoskin

Robert Hoskin

Robert is the adventurer, whether it be to relate to his Aboriginal friends, in spending creative time at Dromana with his family, or tutoring at the Australian Catholic University. At seventy years of age, Robert brings a wide experience of life, in the business world as an actuary, in ministry as a Parish minister of the Uniting Church (including the Richmond congregation of the Yarra Parish Mission) and in his voluntary work with the Aboriginal people of Mowanjum in the Kimberley.

St Kilda Uniting Church - People - Randall Kent

Randall Kent

Originally a Central Queenslander, Randall has long been a resident of St Kilda, where he and Desleigh have raised four children. They now have three grandchildren and three foster grandchildren. Both Randall and Desleigh continue to be active in their local community. Randall likes to keep active through tennis, swimming, lawn bowls and gardening.