St Kilda Uniting Church Prayer for diversity

Prayer of Thanks for Diversity

Let us pray Loving God, We thank You for we are richly blessed with a world of diversity and beauty. Thank You for giving us opportunities to share and celebrate diversity. As human beings, You have given us minds to explore and learn as we move together through a world of varied cultures, customs and…

St Kilda Uniting Church Love rather than hate prayer

Love rather than hate

Who do we fear? Why do we hate? Where are we afraid to go? When do we react without love? What makes us act out rather than care? Our lives and the lives of others can be stressful Raising families Nurturing a marriage Working with difficult people Illness, unemployment, mental health, isolation, bullying … Who…

St Kilda Uniting Church Prayer About Water 1


Water is the essential essence of new life Water bubbles into our being Water cleans us and helps us start anew Help us to understand the symbolism of the great flood, the symbolism of Jesus and John in the river Jordan, the symbolism of our own baptism. Water brings us together Water is the river…

Prayer for Others by Brian

Prayer for Others

We cry for our world. A world that chooses conflict over peace. A world that chooses anger over love. A world that chooses guns over talk. A world that chooses to listen to old men over young women. A world that chooses greed over generosity.