What Has Happened in Our Community

There is a lot happening in our church. Our members are organising regular or occasional events, participating in a number of activities to help the community we live in. In this gallery, we try to preserve those previous memories from special events that have left an impact on our community. One of them was certainly the 140th anniversary we celebrated or two recent book launches.

St Kilda Uniting Church Gallery of Past Events

The Circus of the Imagination

After worship on Sunday 25th June 2017 the 101 drama group performed their The Circus of the Imagination. It was a terrific event revealing both talent and beauty. All the performers found themselves helping a sad HipHop the Clown to cheer up because he couldn’t find the secret to happiness.

Performers walked an invisible tightrope, evaded a hungry lion who could dance a mean soft-shoe-shuffle, dazzled the crowd with magic and juggling, turned a flea circus into a comedy act, impersonated Kate Bush, interviewed a green frog named Love Greeny, and sang a song with HipHop who had found his smile again.

Along the way we learned that there are many secrets to happiness, not just one. They included things like persistence, patience, facing fears, loving others. Then, when the final act began to unfold, which involved the whole audience throwing around and catching a large beach ball, and each person answering the question “the secret to happiness is … ” we discovered even more secrets like having fun, children, friends, sunny days, etc.
I walked away from the event being reminded that thankfully the secret to happiness is not such a secret after all.

David Pargeter

140th Anniversary

On 21 May 2017, the St Kilda Uniting Church celebrated its’ 140th Anniversary of the Balaclava Church on Sunday 21st May at 10:30 am. This was followed at 12 noon by the launch of its history, Campaigns, Causes and Commitments: the continuing story of the St Kilda Uniting Church in the Balaclava Community by Maureen A. Walker.

Photos by Joe Eddy

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