Key Statements of St Kilda Uniting Church

Key Statements of the Church

Four fundamental statements that characterise us as a community of Christians. They include our attitude towards the land, the Bible studies, a reflection of what it means being followers of Jesus in today’s world, and the importance of women, children and men to the faith life of our community.

Yes Campaign Statement

Marriage Equality Statement

The book “Campaigns, Causes and Commitments”, records 140 years of engagement with social issues of the time. It is a fine record that demonstrates how a local church can engage with issues of compassion and justice. Sadly, these issues are always with us and in their own way demand that people do not remain silent.…

New Songs and Hymns - Time


I wrote this hymn in preparation for a theme about time because I could not find anything to help a gathered community to think about time.

Tune:  Last Supper, Jesus Christ Superstar

St Kilda Uniting Church - Songs - Take Time

Take Time

I wrote this hymn about time after listening to the song Be Still, for the presence of the Lord. I wanted a hymn that would help us to …

Tune:  Be Still, for the presence of the Lord.