St Kilda Uniting Church Farewell to the Lancasters 20171210

Farewell to the Lancasters

On Sunday December 10, 2017, we had a morning tea to farewell Shirley and David Lancaster. Shirley and David joined our church community in 1989 following many years in Fiji, and from the very beginning they participated fully in the life of our church. Both Shirley and David at various stages have been members of…

St Kilda Uniting Church - People - Robert Hoskin

Robert Hoskin

Robert is the adventurer, whether it be to relate to his Aboriginal friends, in spending creative time at Dromana with his family, or tutoring at the Australian Catholic University. At seventy years of age, Robert brings a wide experience of life, in the business world as an actuary, in ministry as a Parish minister of the Uniting Church (including the Richmond congregation of the Yarra Parish Mission) and in his voluntary work with the Aboriginal people of Mowanjum in the Kimberley.

St Kilda Uniting Church - People - Randall Kent

Randall Kent

Originally a Central Queenslander, Randall has long been a resident of St Kilda, where he and Desleigh have raised four children. They now have three grandchildren and three foster grandchildren. Both Randall and Desleigh continue to be active in their local community. Randall likes to keep active through tennis, swimming, lawn bowls and gardening.