Crucifixion scene in BehNur 2016

Good Friday 30 March 2018 Sermon

  Good morning, it is a privilege and a pleasure to be here with you this morning. Peace be with you. Good Friday morning is always one of those mornings in the Christian calendar when we pause to consider more seriously the implications of attempting to live a faith-filled life. And not a passive faith-filled…

Prayer for Others by Brian

Prayer for Others

We cry for our world. A world that chooses conflict over peace. A world that chooses anger over love. A world that chooses guns over talk. A world that chooses to listen to old men over young women. A world that chooses greed over generosity.

Walking Through the Labyrinth

Wandering through the labyrinth

Today’s Sunday service on 28 January 2018 was very special. From the foyer, we could see a maze that was set up on the church floor and we were told to be careful not to damage it. Later on, we have found out it was a labyrinth, rather than a maze. Rob Hoskin has set this one up for us, having eight corners (an octagon) and in the middle there was a jar with water, again having an octagonal shape.

St Kilda Uniting Church 2017 Carol Service 5

Carol Service

In tonight’s Carol Service, we joined to think of the events that led to Jesus being born in Bethlehem. We read from the Bible and sang carols. We celebrated our Lord with songs, prayers, while having quiet moments to reflect and think of people we miss. The Carol Service gave us an opportunity to connect with the past, acknowledge the present and think about the future.