St Kilda Uniting Church Celebrating the Eddie Mabo Day

Celebrating the Mabo Day

It’s not often that ‘Mabo Day’ falls on a Sunday. It’s worth learning about Eddie ‘Koiki’ Mabo because in so many ways he warrants the title of National Hero. You probably already know a lot about him but let me just refresh your memory. Eddie was born on 29 June 1936, in the community of…

Shalom - Wholeness

Shalom – Wholeness

It’s hard to imagine what the piece of land on which our church building stands, looked like 200, 2,000, or 2 million years ago. But the coastline of what we call Port Philip Bay appears to have remained unchanged for about 6000 years. For the Yallukut Weelam clan the skyline would have looked the same…

St Kilda Uniting Church Song Shalom by David Pargeter


The hymn formed part of the Sunday church service on 20 May 2018. The topic was healing a specifically Shalom, meaning also completeness, wholeness, wellbeing …

Tune: 138 TiS

St Kilda Uniting Church AGM May 2018 Breakfast will be ready soon

Annual General Meeting 2018

On May 6, 2018, another Annual General Meeting (AGM) took place at the church. Many congregation members came not only to discuss how we did in the past calendar year but also to enjoy good company and – delicious breakfast. David, our minister, has suggested we acronym AGM should stand for another gourmet meal.


Mary has worshipped at St Kilda Uniting Parish Mission for almost 40 years. Worship is a regular part of her life which she enjoys as a time of reflection, learning, reaffirmation of values and direction and participation in a community of people who are very important to her.

Our People Rev Coralie Ling Featured

Coralie Ling

Coralie is a tall, purple loving older woman who lives in St Kilda next to the botanical gardens. She was the first woman ordained as a minister in the Methodist church in Melbourne 1969. Coralie has been attending St Kilda Uniting Church since she moved to St Kilda in 2004. Learn more about here and others, too!

Sermons Doubting Questionning Following Jesus

Doubting, questioning and following

Sunday 8th April 2018 Sermon John 20 19-29 The Easter Weekend magazine had an interview done by the comedian Benjamin Law. His method of interviewing is to ask well known people their views on dicey subjects such as death, sex or religion. He rolls a dice to determine which subject. For the Easter weekend he…