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There is a lot happening in our church. Our members are organising regular or occasional events, participating in a number of activities to help the community we live in. Please select one of the activities to learn more about them, check the calendar of events below or read about some of the past activities in our Latest Updates section. We are very happy to welcome everyone to our community!

St Kilda Uniting Church 140 Anniversary Service 2017 Music
St Kilda Uniting Church Topic of the Month

Topic of the Month

The Community of faith exists and thrives through the gifts and graces of its members. But what are they? Let’s spend this time unearthing and uncovering what it is our ‘members’ bring to the life of this community.

St Kilda Uniting Church Reading and Discussion Group

Reading & Discussion Group

Meeting once per month to enjoy an afternoon tea and discuss a book that has been read during the past month. Covering interesting topics and including book from the Bible, the discussion group is hosted by Mary Heinemann.

St Kilda Uniting Church - Table Conversations

Table Conversations

Good food and interesting topic to discuss: These nice meetings at a dinner table are for everyone who wants to know more about a topic (announced upfront) and also wishes to enjoy the unique culinary experience by Janet and Brian.

St Kilda Uniting Church Drop In Centre

101 Engagement Hub

The 101 Engagement Hub (called Drop In), located next door to the church, is open for people looking for help and community. In recently renovated premises, Drop In offers professional advise, medical services, offers food and ….


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Latest Updates

/ Word from the Minister
The tower

The Tower

As work begins on renovating the tower at 163 Chapel St, and public safety fencing is erected, I’m very conscious of disruption. The ...
/ Word from the Minister
The Kingdom of Heaven is like

The Kingdom of Heaven is like…

The Kingdom of Heaven is like…… Jesus mostly talked about the Kingdom of Heaven in the form of parables. In their uninterpreted form, ...

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St Kilda Uniting Church Book by Maureen Walker

Maureen A. Walker:

Campaigns, Causes and Commitments

The Continuing Story of the St Kilda Uniting …

St Kilda Uniting Church Book by Eddie Bear and Robert Hoskin

Eddie Bear and Robert Hoskin:

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